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  • Peter Cleifemore than an year ago
    I wanted to buy a camera Canon 5D4. It was on their Spanish website as being EN STOCK, (it still is), before ordering I checked that is was in fact EN STOCK, they confirmed it was, so I placed my order, paid by bank transfer. This was accepted, I was informed that processing would take 24-72 hours, I would then receive an email giving tracking information. Several days later, I had not received this info, so I contacted sales and customer service, I was not in stock I would have to wait a week or until I received tracking info. This is inspite of the fact that the ES and EU websites state this item is IN STOCK, I am still waiting.............
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  • Pearse Naughtonmore than an year ago
    I was due to go on holiday in 2 weeks and wanted to save some spending money and needed a lens for my camera at a cheap cost to photograph my travels and thought I would save money buying one from eglobal Central Eu where I bought one for 80 Euro. When the lens arrived 5 days later I was extremely disappointed to find that neither the manual or autofocus worked, it was just completely blurred. I tried to contact eGlobal Central Europe and found that the number typed on the box the lens was sent in did not work. I brought the lens to a professional camera shop to have a look at it just to make sure it was not me that was missing something on how to use it, They agreed that there was a fault with the lens. I emailed eGlobal and it took 4 days before I got a reply, when I asked to return and refund the product they asked for a picture of the faulty lens which I sent them. Then they asked for me to send them a video showing the fault, I tried to explain that a video would be impossible as the fault is internal. How can I show what's wrong with lens inside? They told me that I would not get a refund unless they get proof. After several of days emailing them and getting nowhere I decided that I would send the lens back myself via registered post at a cost of 12 Euro which I found extremely unfair as it clearly states on their website that if a product is faulty they will send a courier for collection. Not only did I receive a faulty item at a cost of 80 Euro I also had to pay 12 Euro for post and received bad customer care. This resulted in me having to buy a new lens from a camera shop at a cost of 120 Euro as I only had 2 days until my holiday and had less holiday spending money. Buying from eGlobal Central Europe was a huge mistake which I will not make again. I still have not received a refund.
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